The State of the World's Children 2007: The Double Dividend of Gender Equality (2006)

Multimedia report. The State of the World's Children is UNICEF’s flagship publication that closely examines a key issue affecting children.

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Publication Date: 2006
Author/Publisher: UNICEF
Language: English, French, Spanish,
ISBN: 13: 978-92-806-3998-8; 10: 92-806-3998-6

Download: English: PDF, HTML
French: PDF, HTML
Spanish: PDF, HTML

The State of the World’s Children 2007 examines the discrimination and disempowerment women face throughout their lives – and outlines what must be done to eliminate gender discrimination and empower women and girls. It looks at the status of women today, discusses how gender equality will move all the Millennium Development Goals forward, and shows how investment in women’s rights will ultimately produce a double dividend: advancing the rights of both women and children.


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