Free, Quality Education for Every Afghan Child (2006)

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Publication Date: 2006
Author/Publisher: Oxfam International
Language: English, Dari, Pashto

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As a nation emerging from 23 years of conflict, the challenges facing Afghanistan’s education system are undoubtedly unique. The destroyed education infrastructure needs to be rebuilt and in the face of growing threats to schools, demand for education needs to be bolstered.

Expanding the scale of education provision is as important as ensuring its quality. The majority of children out of school need to be supported not only to enter the formal school system but also to remain in it. This provision of compulsory, free, good quality education is the shared dream of citizens of Afghanistan.
This briefing paper analyses the scale of the challenge facing education in Afghanistan, and the budgetary implications of that challenge.

Afghanistan needs to be able to cope with the unprecedented expansion of enrolment and simultaneously generate demand for further enrolment, especially amongst girls who continue to remain out of school. The focus of this report is on grades 1 to 12 (i.e. on the financing of primary, secondary, and high school).

The paper begins by mapping the multiple stakeholders in education service delivery in Afghanistan. In section 2 the demand and supply side constraints are analysed in detail with an eye to unearthing the key policy priorities for education financing. Section 3 describes the multi-dimensional process of education financing across varied stakeholders in Afghanistan, in order to clarify the key areas of intervention needed to make a large impact on the reduction of procedural and structural inefficiencies.

Date of original publication: November 2006


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