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Still left behind: Pathways to inclusive education for girls with disabilities

This report brings to light the persistent and significant gaps in research regarding education and disability, and in particular the need for more attention to the experience of girls with disabilities.


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Economic Impacts of Child Marriage: Global Synthesis Report

The study looks at five domains of impacts: (i) fertility and population growth; (ii) health, nutrition, and violence; (iii) educational attainment and learning; (iv) labor force participation and earnings; and (v) participation, decision-making, and investments. Economic costs associated with the impacts are estimated for several of the impacts.á

Bright and Early: How financing pre-primary education gives every child a fair start in life

This paper shows that pre-primary education has not yet achieved the level of priority necessary in domestic policies and budgets, with nearly all low income countries dedicating less than 5% of their education budgets to pre-primary education.á

Girls' education and gender in education sector plans and GPE-funded programs

This report takes stock of how girls' education and gender issues are included in education sector plans as well as implementation plans of GPE partner countries, and in the programs that are funded by GPE grants. The objective of the report is to establish a baseline for information available in current documents, in order to inform and improve the consideration of gender issues in future sector plans, and to promote the achievement of the GPE strategic objective 2 on gender equality and inclusion.á