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UNGEI Annual Report 2014

UNGEI, 2015

The UNGEI partnership is committed to heightening policy impact through collective advocacy and coordinated action; knowledge exchange, sharing evidence-based solutions and learning; and strengthening partnerships and collaborative approaches. Our Annual Report highlights activities in 2014 and includes stories from partners, key events, highlights from programmes and initiatives that contributed towards our goal of improving girls' learning and achieving gender equality.


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Beyond Access:Toolkit for Integrating Gender-based Violence Prevention and Response into Education Projects

USAID, 2015

Although it can be read from ôtop to bottom,ö this toolkit was designed as a guide for technical and program officers working on USAID education to integrate gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response throughout the USAID Program Cycle. As such, each Part and sub-part can be used individually.

Transformative Resilience Guide: Gender, Violence, and Education

World Bank, 2015

Resilience is an increasingly cited objective within the field of international development education and humanitarian response. But what does it mean to take a resilience approach and how does it relate to transformation of gender-based violence?

What works in girls' education

Center for Universal Education at Brookings, 2015

Every girl deserves a high-quality education. And yet, in virtually every nation resources are scarce and those arguing for a greater investment in girls' education must come to the table with not only a soft heart but also hard-headed evidence. In this new book presents a comprehensive body of evidence on why and how to improve education for girls around the world. Drawing on that work, factsheets highlight the key pieces of evidence.