Global Education Monitoring Report Gender Review 2018

Meeting our commitments to gender equality in education

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Madeleine Barry, Nicole Bella, Nihan Ko¨seleci Blanchy, Anna D’Addio, Priyadarshani Joshi, Katarzyna Kubacka, Leila Loupis, Kassiani Lythrangomitis, Alasdair McWilliam, Anissa Mechtar, Branwen Millar, Claudine Mukizwa, Yuki Murakami, Taya Louise Owens, Judith Randrianatoavina, Kate Redman, Maria Rojnov, Will Smith and Rosa Vidarte/UNESCO

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In this sixth Gender Review, a series that began in 2011, the Global Education Monitoring Report team maintains the focus on a broad conception of gender equality that extends beyond counting boys and girls in classrooms. The review's first part examines disparities in participation and skills, in education and political leadership positions, and in selected aspects of infrastructure and curricula. It also examines gender issues in professional development by exploring the role of education in three other SDGs: those concerning agriculture, health and water sanitation. The second part of the review analyses institutions, laws and policies to explore ways to determine and enforce accountability for gender equality in education.


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