Still left behind: Pathways to inclusive education for girls with disabilities

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Author/Publisher: The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative, Leonard Cheshire Disability 
Language: English

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The 'Still Left Behind' report brings to light the persistent and significant gaps in research regarding education and disability, and in particular the need for more attention to the experience of girls with disabilities.

Report Highlights

 - The analysis finds very little evidence of good practice that is publicly available and shared, or data on effectiveness.

 - The intersection between gender and disability and the gendered nature of marginalisation for children with disabilities needs to be analysed in depth to help formulate and monitor policies and programmes.

 - The development of gender- and disability-sensitive indicators will provide a more consistent picture of educational inclusion and allow for comparison across programmes.

- The application of an equity-focused gender and disability lens to budgeting and resource allocation will support (hidden) costs that disproportionately affect girls with disabilities.

 - Greater efforts to embed gender equality principles in teacher training on inclusive education will promote more positive attitudes towards girls with disabilities.



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