The Challenge of Achieving Gender Parity in Education

Statistical Review

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Publication Date: 2002
Author/Publisher: UNESCO
Language: English

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The report compares girls’ and boys’ access to, and participation in, basic education, usually taken to comprise mainly primary and the first stage of secondary education. However, since information on the first stage of secondary education is not available separately, the report deals with participation in secondary education as a whole. The departure point, in the first section of the report, is an analysis of the literacy of male and female adults and young people. School access and participation in primary and secondary education, constitute the main focus of the report. Where data are available, some aspects of the internal efficiency of the school system, such as repetition, survival and dropouts in primary education, and transition from primary to secondary education are also analysed. The characteristics of primary teaching staff, considered to be particularly relevant to girls’ education, such as the proportion of female teachers, and the proportion of teachers who received the necessary pedagogical training, are analysed in the last section.


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