East Asia and Pacific Regional UNGEI: Regional Forum for Gender Equality in Education

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Author/Publisher: East Asia and Pacific Regional UNGEI, 2014
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The East Asia and Pacific Regional United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (EAP UNGEI), in collaboration with partner organizations held the Regional Forum for Gender Equality in Education on August 28th-29th, 2014, in Bangkok, Thailand. The forum was held back to back with the UNGEI Global Advisory Committee (GAC) meeting. It brought together regional and global UNGEI members and high-level education stakeholders including representatives from academics, CSOs, governments, donor agencies and other experts.

The stakeholders came together to discuss key gender in education issues in the EAP region and to share good practices from the region to inform advocacy for policy change. The forum addressed three key areas of UNGEI’s work: gender equality in education sector plans, marginalisation in education, and school-related gender-based violence. The forum provided the opportunity for key members of East Asia Pacific (EAP) UNGEI to meet and learn from the GAC, sharing lessons learned from the field, challenges, and ideas. This report brings together the key issues, best practices from the field, and challenges, as well action points for UNGEI to go forward into 2015.


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