Too Often in Silence: A Report on School-based Violence in West and Central Africa

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Author/Publisher: Laetitia Antonowicz, Education for Change Ltd. based on a desk study by Sarah Castle and Violet Diallo / UNICEF, Plan West Africa, Save the Children Sweden West Africa and ActionAid, 2010
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Access to quality education is a fundamental right of all children, and a prerequisite for socio-economic development and poverty reduction. Children’s education and protection rights are neither respected nor fulfilled by West and Central African States when schoolbased violence and abuse put boys’ and girls’ physical and psychological well-being at risk. This can result in long-term psychological effects on children as well as school drop-out and thus compromise the achievement of Education for All (EFA) goals and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the full participation of boys and girls in society.

The prevalence, frequency and intensity of violence in schools are yet to be fully and systematically documented in West and Central Africa. There are no comprehensive reporting systems of violent acts in the region, whether they occur inside or outside schools. Nevertheless, existing studies on school-based violence in West and Central Africa reveal that many schools in the region, both private and public, need to improve to become safe and protective environments for children.


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