Report on the Study of Child Sexual Abuse in Schools

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Author/Publisher: Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT), 2009
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This study on child sexual abuse in schools was initiated and sponsored by Plan Ghana, as part of Plan International’s global campaign dubbed, “Learn Without Fear” to create safer school environment for  children. Plan Ghana sanctioned the study after recognizing that, there could be significant child sexual abuse in Ghana, particularly, within those communities that Plan Ghana conducts business. Child sexual  abuse does not only interferes with the child’s education and development but is also illegal and contravenes International and Ghanaian Laws.

Against this background that Plan Ghana engaged Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) to

• Identify the type and forms of child sexual abuse cases in the study areas;
• Determine the causes of child sexual abuse in schools in the study areas
• Find out how child sexual abuse cases are handled in the study areas; and
• Generate suggestions on how effectively the problem of child sexual abuse in school can be

CRRECENT conducted an explorative and descriptive study, employing both quantitative and qualitative methods in investigating child Sexual abuse in schools in the Awutu-Senya, Effutu and Upper Manya Krobo  districts of Ghana. A total of 304 children in the primary, Junior high and Senior high schools from the named districts were interviewed using interview schedule. Qualitative information was collected from 30  teachers, 21 parents and nine other Key Informants from the districts under study. Focus Group  discussions with 47 Senior high school children were also conducted to enhance the quantitative data. Data  obtained was scientifically analysed using SPSS to generate results which were consequently interpreted based on the study objectives.

This report was commissioned by Plan Ghana, Accra.


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