Inclusion in Vietnam: An Intersectionality Perspective on Girls with Disabilities and Education

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Author/Publisher: Xuan-Thuy Nguyen (York University, Canada), Claudia Mitchell (McGill University, Canada) / Sage Publications on behalf of Norwegian Centre for Child Research, 2014
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This article explores the challenges related to the inclusion of girls with disabilities in Vietnamese schools. Building on fieldwork which interrogates the institutional treatment of girls with disabilities in the Vietnamese context, we suggest that there is a need to think more critically about the inclusion and exclusion of girls with disabilities within social and educational policies. The issues that we will discuss are taken from a theoretical and methodological standpoint. First, there is a need for rethinking the intersection between disability and gender in educational policies and practices; second, we emphasize the need for understanding the implications of inclusion and exclusion in global/national/local contexts in relation to girls with disabilities; and finally, we suggest that using innovative methodological approaches is important to foster inclusion and social change.


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