Gender-based Violence at School in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa

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Author/Publisher: Directorate-General of Global Affairs, Development and Partnerships | French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2012
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This report addresses a topic that needs to be urgently considered if girls’ integrity is for all to be met. Gender-based violence at school – whether sexual, physical or psychological – affects girls in many African schools, as shown by reports and testimonies from grassroots volunteer groups and schoolteachers. It is clearly linked to the dimension of social relations between men and women as well as unequal power between genders.

Combating school-related gender-based violence as a factor of girls’ poor school attendance is one of the greatest challenges that Africa must face if it is to enrol all its children in school by 2015. It is a matter of urgency to make this violence opportunities for success, whether social, economic or political, and to help make school an institution that defends the values of equality and non-violence.


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