Sustainable Development: Post-2015 Begins with Education

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Author/Publisher: UNESCO, Education for All Global Monitoring Report (EFA GMR), Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), 2014
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Education will be central to the success of the international targets that will replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire in 2015. Produced by UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report, the booklet states that new global development targets after 2015 should be based on a holistic approach to sustainable development.

The booklet has received far-reaching support from across the development world, including from the United Nations Secretary General, the Director-General of UNESCO, the President of the World Bank, the Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Post-2015 Development Planning, the Prime Minister of Norway, the Executive Director of the World Food Programme, the Founder and Chairman of the UN Foundation and the President of the Foundation for Community Development & Founder, Graça Machel Trust, Graça Machel.

The booklet has been created in support of the Global Education First Initiative, a multi stakeholder advocacy effort and rallying point for partners to make commitments and mobilise resources to support global education efforts.


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