Stop Violence Against Girls in School: A Cross-country Analysis of Change in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique

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Author/Publisher: ActionAid International, 2013
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Recent reviews on what works to challenge violence against girls have concluded that the evidence base is weak, and there is a clear need for robust research to help inform interventions. This study is one of the first comprehensive attempts to address this gap in knowledge. It does this through analyzing the influence of a multi-level intervention, ActionAid’s Stop Violence Against Girls in School, a five year project (2008-3013) funded by the UK’s Big Lottery Fund.

This report presents a cross-country review of findings from endline studies carried out in three districts in Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique for Stop Violence Against Girls in School. The study aimed to assess change over the course of the project, and to consider the implications for future interventions concerned with gender violence in schools and communities.


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