Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying

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Author/Publisher: UNESCO, 2012
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Homophobic bullying is a global problem. A violation of learners’ and teachers’ rights, it impedes our collective ability to achieve a quality Education for All. Yet until now, little attention has been paid to addressing its causes and effects. This is in part due to context-specic sensitivities and a lack of recognition and understanding of the problem. This volume of good policies and practices enables teachers, administrators, policy-makers and other education stakeholders to develop concrete actions to make education safer for all.

Acknowledging that the education system reaches beyond the traditional classroom into homes, communities, religious centres and other learning contexts, the volume focuses on addressing educational practices in formal learning environments. Its primary audience is policy-makers, planners and professionals in the education sector; however we hope that it will also be of relevance to other United Nations agencies, development partners and civil society organizations, by inspiring innovative approaches to addressing and preventing homophobic bullying in a range of learning contexts.

This volume is part of a popular UNESCO series of good policy and practice. It marks the first of several contributions to school-based health promotion that UNESCO will produce to complement UNESCO's work on HIV and sexuality education.



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