Strengthening Gender Research to Improve Girls' and Women's Education in Africa (FAWE Research Series Vol. 3 - 2013)

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Author/Publisher: Forum for African Women Educationalists, 2013
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The research initiative under which these studies have been conducted has been the focus of FAWE’s research activities since 2009. FAWE will endeavour to sustain its research efforts beyond this initiative, building on the continent wide network, the mentoring of young researchers, and the FAWE Research Series over time. These are crucial to FAWE’s work and will continue to inform it.

The studies in this volume focus on key questions related to providing an enabling learning environment and creating the conditions for a successful transition to the world of work. They look at gendered concerns for young women on technology related degree programmes or seeking to become student leaders on their university campuses; harassment and sexual violence among secondary school learners with special needs; the interrelation among gender, education and labour market integration; and the role of the informal sector in supporting or hindering girls’ education.


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