A Girl’s Right to Learn without Fear: Working to End Gender-based Violence at School

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Author/Publisher: Plan International
Language: English, French and Spanish
ISBN: 978-1-906273-34-7

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Worldwide, 66 million girls are missing out on an education. This report focuses on one of the major barriers girls face: gender-based violence - sexual, physical and psychological - in and around schools.

Between 500 million and 1.5 billion children experience violence every year, many within school walls.

Girls are especially vulnerable to rape, exploitation, coercion and discrimination perpetrated by students and teachers.

'A girl's right to learn without fear' looks at the issues and presents solutions which are drawn from existing policy examples, as well as global civil society campaigns, international instruments and the voices of girls themselves.

Plan calls on governments to prioritise actions tied to 8 key principles to ensure that all children can learn free from violence, and that girls benefit from their equal right to education.


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