Because I am a Girl: Digital and Urban Frontiers 2010

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Author/Publisher: Plan International
Language: English, French, Spanish

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Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2010 - Digital and Urban Frontiers is the fourth in a series of annual reports published by Plan examining the rights of girls throughout their childhood, adolescence and as young women.

Focusing on two of the 21st century's fastest growing areas - the boom in city populations and the explosion of IT and communication technology, the report looks at the prospects and perils facing girls.

While there are great opportunities, prejudice and poverty is excluding millions of girls from taking advantages of the possibilities on offer.

Urban poverty, lack of proper housing and sexual harassment can make many girls feel unsafe. Cyberspace can also be hazardous - a hunting ground for traffickers and bullies.

The report argues that girls need to be able to gain the skills to protect themselves and to recognise both the threats and the opportunities that await them on the city streets and online.


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