Stemming Girls' Chronic Poverty

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©Chronic Poverty Research Centre
Author/Publisher: Nicola Jones, Caroline Harper and Carol Watson / Chronic Poverty Research Centre
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-906433-82-6

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Childhood, adolescense and early adulthood remain for many girls and young women a period of deprivation, danger and vulnerability, resulting in a significant lack of agency and critical development deficits. In many cases, overlapping and intersecting experiences of deprivation, foregone human development opportunities and abuse or exploitation serve to perpetuate and intensify poverty for girls and women over the life-course. Girls' vulnerabilities in relation to poverty dynamics are different to those of boys and to those of adult women. This is in part because of their relative powerlessness and the particularities of their life stage. What happens at this critical time in their lives can reinforce their movement into or out of poverty.


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