The United States’ Strategy for Meeting the Millennium Development Goals

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Author/Publisher: USAID
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The Obama Administration's strategy for meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), "Celebrate, Innovate, and Sustain: Toward 2015 and Beyond", lays out a determined, strategic and results-focused plan that promises to both reenergize efforts to achieve the MDGs and strengthen the United States' voice in the global development dialogue.

This strategy takes a hard look at what needs to happen to put these important goals within reach. We put innovation and sustainability at the heart of our approach and we address these core human development indicators comprehensively in order to leverage their cross-cutting synergies.

USAID looks forward to engaging with advocates, implementers, donors, and partner countries on how to translate these imperatives into projects, programs, and policies to make historic leaps in human development. Working together, we will create partnerships that build sustainable systems to support healthy and productive lives for millions of people.


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