Training Guide: Continuum of Approaches for Achieving Gender Integration in Programming: A Decision-Making Tool for Education Officers

Toolkit prepared by the EQUATE team for USAID

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Publication Date: 2007
Author/Publisher: EQUATE for USAID
Language: English

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Prepared by the EQUATE team. EQUATE is a five-year contract awarded by the USAID Office of Women in Development to Management Systems International (MSI), who implement the project in partnership with Michigan State University. This task order contract, under the Gender Matters IQC, assists field missions and USAID staff and partners in strengthening their capacity to institute gender-equitable practices and policies in basic education activities.

The project aims to:

  • Develop a conceptual framework for articulating approaches to achieve gender equality in basic education in consultation with field missions, USAID/Washington staff, and other stakeholders;
  • Provide technical assistance that is tailored to meet the needs of field missions and USAID/Washington staff;
  • Develop practical tools and deliver demand-driven training and technical assistance to enhance the ability of operating units to design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects contributing to gender equality in basic education as a means of improving people’s attainment of a basic education, especially girls.


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