Gender, Jobs and Education: Prospects and Realities in the Asia-Pacific

Prospects and realities in the Asia-Pacific

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What factors shape the career outlooks of young women and men in the Asia-Pacific region?

The report Gender, Jobs and Education: Prospects and Realities in the Asia-Pacific was launched today, Friday 7 February at the EAP UNGEI meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.


It provides insights into how sociocultural factors, labour market trends and education policies influence the career perspectives and choices of young people in the region.

The report focuses on the findings from research conducted in five countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal and Viet Nam. Along with these findings, the report also provides reflections and policy recommendations to improve gender equality in the countries selected for the study and beyond.


This report is the result of collaboration between UNESCO Bangkok and the Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI) in a joint research project which aims to provide evidence-based information on current education policies and their impact on gendered career perspectives, the implications of which may be relevant in many countries around the world.


Best practices and lessons learnt are highlighted in the report in the hope that they can inform policy-making and education professionals in their work.

The publication is available online here.


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