UNGEI Child Protection Code of Practice (2008)

Code of Practice

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Author/Publisher: UNGEI
Language: English

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The UNGEI partnership promotes strategies that put the rights and needs of the most disadvantaged, including girls and young people, first in education policies, plans and budgets. It advocates for a cross-sectoral, holistic approach with balanced investment in education across the life-cycle, including early childhood education and development for children of poor families and literacy and empowerment of women and young people. The UNGEI Global Advisory Committee (GAC) develops and disseminates information on integrating gender equality into national level processes to all UNGEI partners, particularly government ministries and civil society organizations.

The UNGEI GAC has developed this Child Protection Code of Practice to galvanize UNGEI’s efforts to promote gender equality in education, and in particular to ensure that the rights and needs of vulnerable children are fully met.


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