Girls, Women and HIV/AIDS in Eastern Africa (2006)

A desk review based on studying available literature on girls, women and HIV/AIDS in Eastern Africa.

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Publication Date: 2006
Author/Publisher: UNICEF
Language: English
ISBN: 9966-9792-5-5

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This study focuses on girls, women and HIV/AIDS in Eastern African Region. It covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi. The focus of the study was to get a comprehensive understanding of the issues of girls, women and HIV/AIDS in the region. It is also a contribution of UNICEF ESAR in the review of the status of women, girls and HIV/AIDS ten years since the Beijing Conference. The report focuses on girls’ and women’s rights, education, HIV/AIDS prevention, access to medical care and treatment, role as caregivers, violence against girls and women and their participation in governance.


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