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Photo Contest 2009 - Promoting Gender Equality in Education

As part of the initiative to promote gender equality in education, UNESCO Bangkok - along with the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), East Asia and Pacific (EAP) and South Asia (SA) - is pleased to invite entries for the Photo Contest 2009 on the theme of: Reversing Realities: Seeking Gender Equality in Education


Gender equality requires equal opportunities for both sexes to attend school, but beyond access, it also includes equality in the learning process, in learning outcomes, and in job opportunities and earnings for both sexes. Despite overall progress in education enrolment, many regional countries are far from achieving gender equality in education - a goal that goes beyond gender parity and access to education.

Gender equality also includes equality in the quality of education received, and in teaching and learning processes (gender equality in education), as well as in the opportunities available through education (gender equality through education). This year’s contest theme focuses on the experiences in which disparities are reversed, and in which equality is achieved through education.


The 13 winning photos will be announced at the end of September 2009. contest schedule The 13 contest winners will receive official certificates of merit. The winning photographs will also be featured in the UNESCO Bangkok and UNGEI (EAP and SA) combined “Gender in Education Calendar 2010”, which is to be distributed widely throughout Asia and beyond. The winning photographs will also be posted on the organizers’ respective websites.

Contest Schedule

All entries must be received at the UNESCO Bangkok office by 31 July 2009.

Judging will take place in August 2009 at UNESCO Bangkok.

The 13 winning photos will be announced at
the end of September 2009.

Please submit entries to

UNESCO Bangkok
Mom Luang Pin Malakul Centenary Building
920 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Contest Criteria & Conditions

Photographs should depict gender equality in action in the contestant’s country, featuring photos that: - show either sex, of any age, participating equally in various educational/recreational activities, such as computer repairs, ICT training, cycle maintenance, cleaning the classroom, caring for younger siblings, sharing household chores and involvement in various community activities, etc; - schoolgirls at the front of the classroom presenting their work, or writing at the chalk board, while their male classmates listen to their comments, or girls playing football, cricket, or other sports which are usually viewed as predominantly male pursuits; - men and women participating equally in household duties, caring for their children, involved in learning programmes, or recreational and community activities in non-traditional roles, in the relevant country context; - women in leadership positions in the community, or at work involved in decision making processes, on an equal basis, with male colleagues. Photographs must be individual prints in colour, or black and white and must be submitted with the original negatives or slides. Size: maximum 21 cm x 29 cm; minimum 20 cm x 25 cm.

For digital photographs, files must be in a TIFF, EPS or JPEG format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Digital photographs must be submitted on a CD-ROM, accompanied by A4 paper size prints (21 cm x 29 cm).

With each photo entry, please include the photographer’s name, age, sex, occupation and address, plus brief details about the photographer, the year in which the photograph was taken, the place and country where it was taken, and additional information about the activity in the photograph, so that captions can be added.

Photographers must be citizens of the country in which the photograph was taken.

Photographs must have been taken after the year 2000.

Photographs must not have been featured in previous publications, promotional materials or websites.

Photographers must hold all rights to photographs entered into the contest.

The photographer retains copyright over the photograph. Any photograph used by UNESCO Bangkok and UNGEI EAP and SA will bear the photographer’s name and country. All contestants must agree to the condition that any image submitted can be used by the organizers for use in their respective publications, websites, documents, and for use in presentations or promotions.

Learners, teachers, school administrators and education officials are strongly encouraged to submit entries.

Each individual or organization can submit more than one entry. contest criteria and conditions

For more information please visit:


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