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Statement from Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller on Gaza

17 January 2009 On the occasion of the ceasefire declared by Israel, the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Per Stig Møller, stated:

"It is good news that Israel has now declared a ceasefire in Gaza. Hamas must now end its attacks on Israel in order to secure peace for the civilian populations in the area. It is important that everything possible is done to secure observation of the ceasefire and to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Israel needs certainty that rockets are not again fired at the Israeli population and weapons are not smuggled into Gaza. The Palestinians must have their situation improved and the borders opened in order for goods and humanitarian aid to enter. International monitoring is needed and Denmark is ready to contribute.

The Danish government will in cooperation with the relevant countries in the region and the EU closely consider ways to support the ceasefire. I very much hope that we can now look forward. Gaza must be reconstructed. And the peace process must get back on track as soon as possible. The cynical plan of Hamas to destroy the peace process must not succeed. It must be clear that war does not pay off, only peace does. Israel must also contribute to demonstrate this."


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