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Damavand Mineral Water Co-UNICEF team up for Girls’ Education in Iran

TEHRAN, 18th April 2007 - Damavand Mineral Water Company and UNICEF Iran today entered into a unique partnership to benefit children. This is the first time in Iran a share of the cost of a product will benefit a good cause. As a result, the Damavand company will donate for one year a share of income from the sale of its water bottles to UNICEF Iran. This money will mainly be spent on girls’ education in UNICEF focus areas.

The Damavand mineral water bottles are now labeled with the UNICEF logo and describe how this partnership benefits Iranian children. The partnership will benefit 4500 children in Hormozgan, West Azarbaijan and Sistan & Balochestan. Both the words “Water” and “Education” begin with “A” in Farsi , which explains why the partnership campaign is called “A as in Water, A as in Education”.

Activities will include promotion of community-based school management and providing quality education.

“This is a win-win situation. It is good for UNICEF, as it helps us to expand important activities without relying too much on funds from abroad,” said Jan-Pieter Kleijburg, Deputy Representative UNICEF Iran. “It is good for Damavand Mineral Water Company, as it provides a channel for the company to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.” He went on saying that it is good for the children in remote parts of the country, who will benefit from quality education and a better chance to have a good future.

This cooperation illustrates how businesses and corporations can play a socially responsible role. For Damavand mineral waters Company, the partnership with UNICEF highlights the company’s supportive and responsible role.

“Damavand considers its mission to protect its natural mineral resource of water and contribute to the benefit of the people of Iran in delivering that resource throughout the country,” said Farhad Besharat chairman of the board of Damavand Mineral Water Company. “As a keeper of Iran's heritage in its water resources Damavand feels the responsibility to invest in Iran's future in terms of youth education and health,” he added. “Damavand has contributed in the past in youth programs in health, sports and education and is very proud to start this pioneering program with UNICEF in Iran in order to provide education to thousands of children of our country. The shareholders of Damavand support currently several other youth and education programs including other programs jointly with UNICEF.”

UNICEF supports women and children all over the world. Support comes in many different forms, from direct donations, sales of UNICEF greeting cards, marketing promotions and in kind donations.


For more information please contact:
Pantea Masoumi, Fundraising Officer, 2259 4994 ext 105,
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