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Britain commits US $15 billion for education in Africa

News Note

24 May 2006 – British Chancellor Gordon Brown said at a meeting of African Finance and Education Ministers in Abuja, Nigeria on Monday, that he would press fellow Group of Eight (G8) countries to boost funding for education in developing nations at the June meeting of G8 Finance Ministers in St. Petersburg.

The British government announced it will commit at least $15 billion to finance education in Africa over the next decade. Brown asked African leaders to come forward with proposals that merit additional funding.

“On your part you need to demonstrate immediately that you have the plans in place that are ambitious, showing step by step over 10 years, your route to providing education for every child and the appropriate skills for your economy,” Brown said.

"Education for every child is the most cost-effective investment the world could ever make," Brown said, adding that every extra year of schooling also had measurable impact on a country's health and prosperity.

Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said Nigeria has already prepared an educational plan to take advantage of the British financing.



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