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Join the webinar: Measuring gender attitudes to address school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV)


Join the webinar: Measuring gender attitudes to address school-related gender-based violence

Thurs 19th July 2018
8.30-9.45am EDT | 1.30-2.45pm BST

Sohini Bhattacharya 
(President & CEO, Breakthrough TV) 
Jane Leer (Research Specialist, Save the Children USA)

Moderator: Sujata Bordoloi (Coordinator, Global Working Group to End SRGBV, UNGEI)

Eliminating school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) is critical to sustainable development. Safe and gender-sensitive learning environments are spaces where girls and boys can learn to develop mutual respect, an understanding of gender equality and speak out against discrimination and gender-based violence. Schools can play a transformative role in shifting harmful gender norms and discriminatory practices. Through the examination of gender norms and unequal power structures between students, teachers, parents and the wider community, subtle forms of discrimination and deeply entrenched inequalities can be addressed and key barriers to education removed.   

This webinar is hosted by the Global Working Group to End SRGBV, a coalition of civil society organisations, multi-lateral and bilateral donors, research institutions and UN agencies committed to ending violence in and around schools. The Global Working Group has been a strong advocate to ensure that schools remain safe and gender-sensitive learning spaces and that girls and boys have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and resources they need to reach their potential.

This webinar will:

  • Draw evidence from the field: insights from research in Sierra Leone and India
  • Discuss key approaches, concepts and lessons on measuring gender attitudes among school-aged girls and boys
  • Identify key takeaways on measurement and interventions addressing gender norms and SRGBV

The webinar is aimed at practitioners, researchers, educators, and NGO workers interested or working in this area.

Please register for the event through this link.


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