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UNGEI and GPE begin roll out of Gender Responsive Education Sector Planning Workshops

This Tanzania training workshop is one in a series which to rolled out across, with the following trainings set to take place in West Africa and South Asia in 2017 and 2018.

The workshops on gender responsive education sector planning are designed to build on the experience and expertise of participants, to strengthen their skills in gender analysis in education, and to introduce the Guidance as a tool to accompany existing standardized tools for education sector analysis and planning.
Facilitators guided participants in understanding the key terminology about gender, recognizing what constitutes an enabling environment, collecting and analyzing the relevant data, and defining goals, strategies and activities, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks to ensure that all girls and boys can equally participate and succeed in the education system.

All participating countries have already made progress in tackling gender inequities in education, whether through passing new laws, adopting policies, making reforms, or training and deploying teachers. The workshop has allowed participants to access innovative tools, which they will further use in their own countries’ local education groups to continue to advocate for gender equality in education.



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