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UK urged to continue funding global education initiatives

The UK has been urged to continue to tackle the crises in global education through international forums and institutions like the G7 and the World Bank, an approach the country’s current aid chief has hinted could be reconsidered. 

In October Priti Patel, the UK’s secretary of state for international development, said the £4bn that Britain currently channels through international institutions and funds could be cut unless they can evidence value for money. The UK’s Department for International Development is currently preparing a long-delayed review into the UK’s aid work through multilateral channels.

In September, the UK pledged over £1bn to the Global Fund. However in October, Patel once again sent tremors through the aid community with the suggestion that such multilateral funding could be cut if it doesn’t provide value for money – the latest in a string of comments that have sparked fears about the future direction of DFID and UK aid.

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