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#FFD3: 10 Facts That Explain Why The Fight For Global Education Is All About The Money

This article was originally published on the Malala Fund website on 14 July 2015.

By Hannah Orenstein

Ending extreme poverty around the world costs money—a lot of it. It's a good thing that world leaders are meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia right now to discuss just that: financing global development.

It's particularly important for global education. According to a new Malala Fund report, it will cost $39 billion a year to put every boy and girl in school for 12 years, building on a year of preschool. The investment is worth it—and honestly, achievable—if governments work together to make it a top priority.

NGOs are sharing some INCREDIBLE facts about the urgent need for world leaders to finance global education. By putting the costs into context and showing the benefits of education, we are telling leaders in the international community: financing is the only way to make global access to education a reality!

1. There is a HUGE gap in education funding.

2. The amount of money needed to fill that gap ($39 billion) is equal to HALF of NASA's budget to visit Jupiter.

3. Even more, just $8.50 per child under 5 each year can have a big impact on their growth and development.

4. For a child living in an emergency, just $74 can give her a future.

5. But, that aid is not going where it needs to. Where a child lives, makes a big difference on how much is going to fund her education.

6. And the annual cost of providing 12 years of education is increasing.

7. The gender gap is real. Women have just an average of 7.3 years of education in comparison to 8.2 years for men.

8. More education means more opportunities. Educated girls in Liberia can increase their earnings by 80%.

9. But it's not in just Liberia. The longer girls stay in school, the more money they will make in their lifetimes.

10. And when women earn more money, so do countries.


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