MARCH 2014
8 Mar
International Women's Day
10-21 Mar
58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (New York City, USA)
15-17 Mar
Global Education & Skills Forum: Education, Employment and Equity (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
APRIL  2014
9 Apr
Looking Ahead to the June 2014 GPE Pledging Conference (Washington, D.C., USA)
11-13 Apr
World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings (Washington, D.C., USA) 
15-16 Apr

Taking Stock and Planning Forward: Leadership and Joint Action to Eliminate School-Related Gender-based Violence, An International Partners Meeting (Paris, France)


24 Apr
JUNE 2014
12 Jun
World Day against Child Labour 
16 Jun
International Day of the African Child 
25 Jun
Beyond 2015: The Education We Want (Brussels, Belgium)
18 Aug
19 Aug
World Humanitarian Day 
26-28 Aug
UNGEI Global Advisory Committee Meeting (Bangkok, Thailand) 
28-29 Aug
UNGEI East Asia and Pacific Regional Gender Forum (Bangkok, Thailand)