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Botswana: Launch of the UN Girls/Boys Education Movement and dissemination of “Telling the Story” research findings

Children and young people march to underscore ‘Zero Tolerance Against Gender Based Violence’.


Girls’/Boys’ Education Movement (G-BEM)  will be disseminating the findings of a recently conducted interactive research project called “Telling the Story (TTS)” as well as launch themselves as a UN Girls’ and Boys’ Initiative aiming at advocating for child-friendly, gender-sensitive rights-based environment for children in and out-of-school. The launch is a collaboration of UNICEF, the Ministry of Education, Women’s Affairs Division, and the Girl/Boy Childnetwork which is a conglomerate of civil society organizations concerned with issues of the girl and boy child. G-BEM believes issues of gender violence manifest themselves right from early childhood, and therefore, joins the Botswana society in fighting this apparent “second” epidemic to HIV/AIDS.


The event will take place on Saturday 10 December 2005 in the main mall. The event will kick start with a March starting 06:00 hrs from four points; namely: Gaborone West Mall, Urban Police Station (Bontleng Police), No Mathata mall (Maruapula Shopping complex) as well as the Village Police mess and end at the main mall.


Violence against women and girls has become recognized universally as one of the pervasive social problems that require urgent and serious attention. In Botswana, numerous initiatives have been taken as part of efforts to address issues of violence and protection of the rights of citizens by ratifying and signing relevant regional and international instruments. Like other countries in Southern Africa, Botswana has ratified regionally adopted instruments in response to the 1997 Heads of States Gender Declaration that gave SADC the mandate to incorporate gender in their programme of action and the 1998 Heads of States Declaration to eradicate violence against women in the SADC region. G-BEM’s biggest concern is that, while issues of gender imbalances and its attendant negative effects such as gender-based violence, also affect children, often times interventions are just targeted at older people.


The event will be attended by children, UN representatives, Botswana National Youth Council, Government officials, the Civil Society, and members of the public.

The media is invited to attend and cover the event. On the spot interviews will be allowed. For further information please contact Ms. Kutloano Leshomo of UNICEF at 3951909 Ext 108.


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