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UNGEI Consultancy Opportunity

Applications are now closed for this post.

UNGEI seeks to engage a consultant to conduct a review and provide an overview of the current knowledge on how to improve access to and quality of sport and physical education for girls.

Key tasks

1.Undertake a literature review of advocacy, policy and programme initiatives demonstrating where sport and physical education have impacted on girls’ education, including enrolment and completion, self-development and empowerment (including in emergency contexts).

2.Conduct a survey (electronic) among key external stakeholders to gain an understanding of how far and in what ways existing programmes are engaging in this area (including in emergency contexts).

3.Mapping existing initiatives that address girls’ education through sport and physical education.

4.Develop policy recommendations to multi-sector stakeholder groups (UNGEI partnership and governments) at the global, regional, national and sub-national levels on how to support the advancement, outreach and positioning of sport and physical education to enhance access and quality of sport and physical education opportunities for girls and young women. (Note: the recommendations may or not be uniform across each group).

5.Develop a five-year timeline outlining key policy advocacy and outreach opportunities for promoting the role of sport and physical education in improving the access to, and quality of girls’ education.

Prospective candidates must show substantial experience (of at least 7 years) and possess a post-graduate degree in this area to be considered.

For more information, please download the Terms of Reference or contact Cheryl Faye at


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