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FAWE’s 7th General Assembly and Executive Committee elections, 2008

NEW YORK, USA, 28 July 2008 – FAWE will host its 7th General Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, from 30 to 31 July. The theme the event is ‘Advancing girls’ education: scaling up FAWE’s successful models’ and it will focus on strategies to achieve the replication and mainstreaming of FAWE’s successful models for girls’ schooling in education systems across Sub-Saharan Africa.

During the General Assembly, full members of FAWE will be elected to the Executive Committee.

About the General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of FAWE. It meets once every three years and brings together FAWE’s highly influential members, among them African women ministers in charge of national education systems, women vice-chancellors of universities and other senior women education policy-makers and advocates.

The functions of the General Assembly are to review the role and structure of FAWE; consider proposals on the organisation’s policies and objectives; receive and deliberate on triennial and other reports and proposals from the Executive Committee; elect the members of the Executive Committee; and approve the admission of new members into FAWE as proposed by the Executive Committee.

About the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the other governing body of FAWE. It is made up of 11 members from various sub-regions of Sub-Saharan Africa who meet twice a year. Its members are elected by the General Assembly by secret ballot, each candidate having been proposed and seconded by bona fide full members of FAWE. Members of the Executive Committee hold office for terms of three years and can serve for no more than two consecutive terms.

The functions of the Executive Committee are to provide overall policy guidance to FAWE; approve the annual programme of work and the annual budgets; facilitate FAWE’s programming in the countries from which members are drawn; admit new members into FAWE and submit these to the General Assembly for confirmation and ratification; approve the creation of regional and national offices or other FAWE representation, including the recognition of National Chapters; authorize or approve the expenditure which FAWE members incur in carrying out their duties; appoint the Executive Director and approve the appointment of other senior officers of the Secretariat on the recommendation of the Executive Director; manage, through the offices of the Secretariat, any of FAWE’s properties vested in the Executive Committee; explicitly handle the finances of FAWE; receive the annual audited accounts and appoint the auditors for the following year; and represent and speak on behalf of FAWE at international meetings.


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