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National review of program experiences in support of girls' education in Yemen

SANA’A, Yemen, 21 April 2008 - The National Review of program experiences in support of girls’ education in Yemen was inaugurated here today by the Vice Minister of Education Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh Bin Habtoor. The Review has been jointly organized in coordination with UNICEF and GTZ.

The review drawing on the lessons learned and experiences that have proven successful and promising will be pursued to take the acceleration of girl’s education to scale.

The National Review also brings together the information base necessary to understand strategies that have been effective in improving the enrollment rates and quality of education of girls. In addition, the National Review demonstrates best practice recommendations to the Ministry of Education and development partners, based on lessons learned. It also offers developmental partners.

The National Review brought out the disparities that exist in between the Governorates such as Dhamar, Raimah, Sa’ada and Al Jawf need more attention.

There is also need to reach out to special children and those belonging to marginalized and disadvantaged groups. 

The total number of programs addressing access and low enrollment accounted for 24%. Programs addressing drop-out and completion issues accounted for 19% and programs addressing quality and learning outcomes accounted for only 13%. Issues such as equality, relevance, and grade repetition had a lower percentage of focus in these programs.

In his opening statement, UNICEF Country Representative, Dr. Aboudou Karimou Adjibade said that “The National Review marks another step forward in the joint cooperation of the Girls Education Sector of the Ministry of Education, UNICEF and the GTZ. It will guide us towards better utilization and integration of policies that we have all worked hard to put in place.  We can now operationalize these important policy guidelines into our program interventions”.

The National Review is aimed at enhancing coordination among diverse and multi-sectoral girls’ education programs, tracking of budget in accordance to gender, standard indicators to measure girls’ education results, and mechanism to accommodate emerging needs. The review underlines the importance of female teachers and incentives programs. In addition, it was also recommended to ensure girl friendliness of school environments and sustainability of girls’ education program.


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