eDiscussion #5: Renewing UNGEI's vision

Moderator:  May Rihani, AED Senior Vice President and Director

Start: 27 February 2008

Yours is one of the voices that have been contributing to the partnership for girls' education internationally, and UNGEI helps leverage and lobby for the importance of girls' education within the broader framework of the Education for All (EFA) Initiative and in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In recognition of new perspectives influencing our work, UNGEI believes it is time to restate its vision through 2015. We welcome your contributions and reflections on this question:

How can UNGEI's vision be stated most effectively to inspire and mobilize members to ensure that both equity and equality are achieved in educational systems worldwide by 2015? How can such a vision remain clear and focused and at the same time take into consideration emerging issues such as: secondary education, quality and relevance, the link between education and employability, and the issue of the boys who are left behind (in certain countries)?

Attached is the link to the UNGEI goals.  We are asking you to contribute to renewing UNGEI's vision so that it fully captures the importance of our cause and by allowing it to encompass the emerging educational issues.

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