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Go to School, Back to School, Stay in School
Part 4: This series covers Arts and Sports as learning strategies and important components of child friendly school.
Go to school: Suku's story
July 2007: One year after the Government of Southern Sudan launched its 'Go to School' initiative, enrolment has increased to over 850,000 and more than one-third of all students are girls.

Uganda: Go to School, Back to School, Stay in School
Part 3: This series covers launches in Soroti, Amuru, Gulu and Kitgum districts.  All images by members of the Girls Education Movement.  
Uganda: Go to School, Back to School, Stay in School
Part 2: UNICEF kicks off the “Go to School, Back to School, Stay in School” Campaign in Uganda.  
Uganda: Go to School, Back to School, Stay in School
Part 1: The “Go to School, Back to School, Stay in School” Campaign teams up with the Girls’ Education Movement in Uganda.  
The life cycle of girls: Womanhood
9 March 2007: Part IV of IV: Despite advances, gender violence and discrimination is still on the rise.  
The life cycle of girls: Adolescence
9 March 2007: Part III of IV: Adolescence, the passage between childhood and womanhood, is a time of particular vulnerability to exploitation.
The life cycle of girls: Primary school years
6 March 2007: Part II of IV: Education is essential for the elimination of discrimination and violence against girls and women.
The life cycle of girls: Early childhood
6 March 2007: Part I of IV: Despite significant gains, girls and women continue to face unique challenges and threats throughout their life cycle.
A day in the life of an Angolan school girl
Rosalia Zita’s life so far is typical for many 13-year-old Angolans. Her family was displaced during the war and she lost her father to malaria. She missed years of schooling due to destroyed infrastructures. But the recent renovation of her school building in São João, Huambo, brings hope for more stability and a better future. 
A day in the life of a girl in Papua New Guinea
Emily Olto’s family is too poor to pay school fees and, like many girls in the area, Emily almost had to drop out. Thanks to a government scholarship, she can stay in school.
I Have a Story to Tell
A selection of images from Mark Read's work for CAMFED. Limited-edition, signed prints are available for purchase.
Girls' education in rural Kenya
Regional disparities threaten to undermine progress towards education for all in Kenya.
Southern Sudan: Changing the Odds for Girls
Only one per cent of girls complete primary school in southern Sudan, a legacy of poverty, two decades of conflict and a tradition of early marriage.
A day in the life of a Senegalese schoolgirl
Aminata Kâ, 14, pictured here with her mother, lives outside Dakar, Senegal. Many girls in her neighbourhood can’t finish primary school because they have to support their families
Community funds girls' education
In Papua New Guinea's isolated highlands, where Tine Samson, 16, lives, many people survive as subsistence farmers and lack the cash for their children’s school fees
A day in the life of a determined schoolgirl
Fifteen-year-old Haitza Ortiz lives with her mother and younger sister in a poor suburb of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital.
A day in the life of a schoolgirl in the Central African Republic
In the Central African Republic, the education system experiences a high disparity among boys and girls (39 per cent of net enrolment for girls and 46 per cent for boys).


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