Girls, Too

19 December 2006, Issue No. 7 - Women's Empowerment

"Women have so many capabilities that, given a chance, we can be very successful. I would like gender equality in all areas. If I were in a higher position in government, my message to other women in government would be to support women more and not to forget their own experiences with gender discrimination."
- Zahra Yaghobinezhad, Women’s Affairs Specialist of the Interior Ministry, Islamic Republic of Iran

UNICEF flagship report says gender equality benefits both women and children

On its 60th anniversary, UNICEF’s new edition of its flagship publication says gender equality is critical to child survival and development. The State of the World’s Children 2007, subtitled “Women and Children: The Double Dividend of Gender Equality”, examines the status of women around the world and concludes that ending gender discrimination would benefit both women and children, affecting the health and development of societies everywhere.

The report argues that recent progress in women’s status has not come far enough. Millions of girls and women continue to live in poverty, disempowered and discriminated against. They are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, less likely to attend school and often subject to physical and sexual violence. In most places, men continue to earn more than women for the same jobs.

The report finds that in families where women are the main decision-makers, a far greater proportion of household resources is devoted to child health, nutrition and education than in families where women do not have a voice.

The report suggests seven key interventions for gender equality, the first of which is to abolish school fees and invest in girls’ education. For the full article, please go to

Tribute to a legacy

To honour Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Mrs. Nane Annan for their commitment to girls’ education in the past decade, UNGEI is highlighting a few of their many contributions to girls' education, which have affected communities and lives throughout the world. UNGEI recognizes that they have made girls' education a personal priority, lending their voices and energy, and is grateful for their commitment to advancing this agenda beyond their tenure.

For the full tribute, please go the UNGEI homepage and select “Tribute to a legacy”.

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20 Dec - UN Day of South-South Cooperation
15 Jan - 2 Feb - 44th Session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Partner Profile

The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) is a pan-African, non-governmental organization founded in 1992 to promote girls’ and women’s education in sub-Saharan Africa in line with Education for All.

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In Focus

In a photo contest about ‘Inspirational Women’, children and young people throughout the world were invited to share their pictures of women they admire and tell us the stories behind them,

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