eDiscussion #1: Early Childhood Care and Education

eDiscussion 1 topic: Early Childhood Care and Education

Moderator:  Dr. Nurper Ulkuer, ECD Unit/Program Division, UNICEF

Start: 3 October 2006

Details of the eDiscussion:

Welcome to the first eDiscussion of GirlsEd-Net.  The theme for the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2007 is Early Childhood Care and Education, and UNGEI, being the EFA flagship on gender, will focus this eDiscussion around Early Gender Socialization. We believe this is one of the most pertinent issues in early childhood affecting girls in particular, through which the foundations for stereotypes in gender roles arise. Early gender socialization is a highly regarded issue, but there has been little discussion on it. So our aim is that contributions for this discussion will be fed into this year’s EFA High-Level Group Meeting debate in Cairo through the UNGEI technical meeting.

The objective of this discussion is to answer the question of what we mean by gender socialization, how it promotes discrimination, but most importantly, how it can promote gender equality and equity in a society.

The first eDiscussion will be moderated by Nurper Ulkuer, Program Officer for UNICEF’s ECD Unit.

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Summary of UNGEI eDiscussion on Early Gender Socialization

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Dr. Nurper Ulkuer, ECD Unit/Program Division, UNICEF