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News note: UNGEI Global Advisory Committee: Technical Meeting Recommendations to Global and Regional Levels

The Global Advisory Committee (GAC) of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) hosted a Technical meeting in New York on 27 May 2009. The meeting was informed by a technical paper by Máiréad Dunne entitled Gender as an Entry Point for Addressing Social Exclusion and Multiple Disparities in Education and presentations by a panel of experts. The main outcomes and principal recommendations of the meeting follow:
  1. UNGEI recognizes the important interaction between gender and other forms of marginalization in education, including that related to poverty, geographic
    location, ethnicity, caste, social class, disability, and religion. Recommendation: Gender should be used as a means for leveraging change in multiple educational
  2. UNGEI notes that the reduction of gender inequity in education over the past decade (when girls as a proportion of out-of-school children decreased from 60%
    to 55%) is due to targeted investment in girls’ education. Recommendation: Resources for gender-equitable education should be made available to protect the
    gains made and to ensure their sustainability, particularly as they relate to gender equity and the empowerment of girls.
  3. UNGEI reaffirms that gender parity alone is insufficient for measuring gender disparity in education. Recommendation: The global community (including the
    EFA Global Monitoring Report and global and regional organizations) should examine exclusion in education through the lens of gender equity and girls’
    empowerment to strengthen education for transformative change.

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