Press releases

World experts on girls’ education meet in Kathmandu

Online media coverage by natioanal and international media:

"Gender equality policy in eduation stressed", The Rising Nepal, 13 June 2008 [PDF]
"NEPAL: Education Far More than ABCs – Experts", IPS, 13 June 2008
"NEPAL: Gender Inequality in Education Has Deep Roots", IPS, 13 June 2008
"World experts on girls’ education meet in Kathmandu", WebWire, 13 June 2008
"EDUCATION-ASIA: Girls Should Go to School, Stay There", IPS, 12 June 2008
"Girls' Access To Ed. Focus Of Asia-Pacific Meeting", United Nations Press Release, 12 June 2008
"Quality Not Quantity", AsiaNews, 27 June - 3 July 2008 [PDF]