The goal of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) is to narrow the gender gap in primary and secondary education and to ensure that, by 2015, all children complete primary schooling, with girls and boys having equal access to all levels of education. Having made notable progress at global level, the decision of UNGEI’s Global Advisory Committee (GAC) to focus on the regional and country levels will help boost current efforts towards gender equality in education and beyond in a designated region.

The choice of the Asia-Pacific region for the first regional-level GAC meeting not only recognizes the tremendous strides have been made there towards ensuring a quality education for all children, but also acknowledges a persistent gender gap in educational enrollment, retention and performance in a number of areas, as well as inequalities in the teaching and learning process and in education outcomes.

The meeting has two general objectives:

  • To accelerate the sharing of knowledge and experience related to gender in education among UNGEI partners and across regions through in-depth technical discussions and field visits (GAC members only), and
  • To strengthen regional- and country-level UNGEI networks, activities and impact through interaction with regional UNGEI partners, as well as through advocacy for stakeholders including education and other ministry officials and civil society.


The technical meeting will focus on teaching and learning processes, education and learning outcomes and transitions (from primary to secondary school, from non-formal to formal education and from school to work). In spite of their importance, these are areas that lack information and therefore call for knowledge and experience sharing. The overall theme of the meeting is Equity, Gender and Quality.

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