Girls, Too

5 June 2006, Issue No. 1 - Welcome!

The world is starting to grasp that there is no policy for progress more effective than the empowerment of women and girls. No other policy is as sure to improve nutrition and promote health - including the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan, 8 March 2006
Welcome to Girls Too!

Welcome to the first issue of Girls Too! – a monthly electronic newsletter sent to you by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI).

UNGEI is determinedly committed to stepping up our efforts to promote girls’ education and revitalizing the movement in 2006 to achieve the Education for All goals. Some of our activities will include rigorous global campaigns, partnership building at the regional level, sharing knowledge and experience at the country level, and recruiting new partners.

Girls Too!will deliver news on progress in achieving these goals, feature partners’ profiles, highlight partners' activities and inform you about upcoming events.

Girls Too!is part of a broader initiative, GirlsEd-Net, an online knowledge network that aims to facilitate dialogue and information sharing among UNGEI partners and those working on girls’ education. Other activities will include eDiscussions (to start in July) and information-sharing announcements.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for development of this monthly newsletter and for selecting themes for our eDiscussions.

'Engendering the FTI': UNGEI's contribution to the FTI processes

A review of gender in the Fast Track Initiative (FTI) commissioned by UNGEI found that the FTI does not appear to have consistently and systematically encouraged the integration of gender in national education plans. At the FTI partnership meeting in Beijing, participants recognised this as a weakness. Recommendations have emerged from this review and Girls Too! will be reporting on progress made in implementing them in the course of the year. To read an article by Beyond Access on this issue, click here.

Upcoming events:

12-15 June: Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan (CARK) Education Forum, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

22-24 June: Challenges and Possibilities in Gender Equity Education, Second International Conference in the Asia-Pacific Region, Taipo, Hong Kong

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Partner profile

The Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) is dedicated to fighting poverty and AIDS in rural communities in Africa by educating girls.

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In Focus

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa that have abolished school fees share their experiences and lessons learned at 'the School Fee Abolition Initiative Workshop'.

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