GirlsEd-Net instructions and protocols

You can subscribe yourself to the list through the website or by sending a blank email to join-ungei@lists.unicef.org. Please specify if, in addition to the Girls Too! newsletter, you would also like to sign up for eDiscussions. If you join GirlsEd-Net, you will automatically receive the Girls Too! newsletter every month.

For eDiscussions, you must sign up. To participate in an initial survey on what types of topics for discussion would be of interest to the group, visit our poll on the home page or email us with your ideas: ungei@unicef.org. All queries or ideas, as well as responses to ongoing discussion will be sent to ungei@lists.unicef.org with the same subject heading as the original query to facilitate the archiving of discussions.

All messages are first sent to the facilitator, who approves the content to be sent to all members, allowing the facilitator to ask for clarifications, edit subject headings or consolidate responses to ensure a smooth discussion.

In addition to the postings, summaries of the discussions will be sent to you through the monthly Girls Too! newsletter.

An advantage of eDiscussions is their very democratic nature. However, time has shown that some ground rules must be stated from time to time.

  1. Messages should be concise and to the point.
  2. Use a descriptive subject heading that clearly identifies the content of discussion, so it helps other members to determine quickly whether a message is of interest to them, and maintains the link between responses on ongoing discussions.
  3. The first sentence of your message should summarize the content of your contribution or should reference the discussion to which you are referring.
  4. Name and office/unit should be included at the end of your messages.
  5. Do not raise new issues for discussion while contributing to a discussion or responding to a query. New queries or discussion issues should be sent in a new separate message.
  6. Do not send attachments, as they might contain a virus and/or be difficult to download, particularly for members in developing countries. If you wish to share large files with the group, kindly send these to the facilitator, who can post them on the UNGEI website and notify the group.
  7. To respond to a message without involving the entire network direct the message to that personís email address instead of using the reply function.
  8. If you are enjoying the discussions, invite a colleague(s) to join GirlsEd-Net!


To unsubscribe from the network, please send an email to unsubscribe-ungei@lists.unicef.org. If you have any questions about the network, please contact the GirlsEd-Net Facilitator at ungei@unicef.org.