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FAWE in Uganda

As the FAWE Executive Director Dr. Codou Diaw and executive members meet with donors, partners and Friends of FAWE (FoF) all around the world to talk about FAWE’s work and hopes, the communication team is in the field capturing pictures of beneficiaries and collecting stories of human interest. These activities are all part of FAWE’s fundraising and communication strategies over the next coming years.

In Uganda the communication team met with the FAWE beneficiaries’ network called FAABA. This is the first official network of FAWE beneficiaries that will be replicated in all FAWE countries over the next two years.  In Uganda, a group of young women that benefitted from FAWE programs (such as bursaries, technical support or other projects) decided to come together and form a legal association that would help other girls in need in their country. They are so grateful to FAWE traditional donors, partners, staff and private donors who contributed to what they have become today. It is only normal for them to find ways to give back what they were so fortunate to receive from others. Most of them are working women (doctors, computer agents, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers), with some still searching for jobs and doing voluntary jobs with FAWEU. As the first project they set up, a training course in entrepreneurship and leadership was organized at the Kati Kati hotel in Kampala, Uganda. Twenty young girls- all FAWE beneficiaries- received skills and information that will help them set up businesses, be more creative, more persuasive and gain more confidence. The training itself was given by two very young women from PEDN (Private Education Development Network). It was a real joy for the eyes and great for morale to see these young women fighting to make life better not only for themselves but also for their siblings and communities.

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