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Child Club in South Darfur

Based on the interview with Asrar Abubaker Ishag

DARFUR, Sudan, February 2009 - My name is Asrar Abubaker Ishag and I am 12 years old, I am studying at grade 7th in Elsaadia Basic School for girls, Nyala. I am the oldest of the five children in our family, my father is a policeman and my mother is a teacher. My family lives in Khartoum Belail area in Nyala. I have learnt a lot of things in the school besides the subjects.

I joined the Child Club since it was established late last year and now I am the leader of the Child Club at this school. I love Child Club, I find in child club something different than class room learning. I am very happy to be involved in different activities, to make new friends, building relationships with other children and teachers from different schools as they come around to discuss about Child Club.

What have I benefited from the Child Club is knowing the culture of the community, polite way of asking for assistance, working in different environment with various groups within Child Club, voluntary work,  discovering the hobbies for my mates, learning singing , drawing, writing poems playing volley ball, basketball and football and so on.

I think in addition to above, the Child Club has been contributing to school in different ways e.g. making up two wall newspapers to encourage the students to participate with their ideas which helps to improve thinking, imagination and writing skills. We have been involved in preparation and conduction of different ceremonies by singing, and also learning for public speaking. You know I am happy that we have established singing societies/club.

I would like to suggest the following for improving the Child Club:

  • I think, if we have sports kits, musical instruments and drawing pens would help us develop our skills further.
  • Persuading the students to join the Child Club specially the boys who are usually sit on the corners.
  • I have been seeing several children on the street with their old and dirty clothing; some of them sleep near the round-about. During the day, some of them are sitting on the shadow of my school. I see them often around here but some time they are taken by their mother and asking money around the market. When I see these children, I wish to be able to support them. To collect money from the members of the Child Club in order to establish health related and psychosocial center for treatment of these children.
  • To have some debates for the professionals like doctors to tell the members about the diseases and their risks and how to prevent. 
  • Making exchange visits for the displaced children and admit them in the Child Club because they have hobbies.


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