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World Vision Romania - Making strides in promoting Education for All

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During "Permenent Education Week" educational and cultural events were organised in county libraries throughout southern Romania.

January 2007 - World Vision and other NGOs joined the Romanian Ministry of Research and Education with events to mark “Permanent Education Week” in Romania at the end of November 2006.

Under the banner “Education for life”, the organisations created educational and cultural events in county libraries throughout southern Romania, as well as a significant World Vision event in Valcea Area Development Programme (ADP). The aim of the festival is promotion, official recognition and implementation of the European concept “Learning all life long”.

The Valcea ADP event entitled, “Together We Build Communities” promoted the numerous projects and activities developed in Romanian communities. “The event was a great idea, because it is an excellent opportunity for World Vision to become well known in the county. For me, it was amazing to see how a few beneficiaries came here and told the guests how World Vision helped them in risky or difficult situations,” said Mr Popescu, Valcea ADP School Director.

© World Vision Romania
The festival was organised by the German Popular Universities Association in partnership with Romanian Ministry of Research and Education, Culture Ministry, National Agency of Labour Employment and other local institutions as: Local City Hall, County Educational Department, County Art Museum, Theatres, Commerce and Industry Chamber, Police County Department and the Youth County Department.

“Congratulations to World Vision for hosting such an important event. In addition, I would like to thank the World Vision staff for their hard work in organising this worthwhile event; it is my hope that we will have an excellent collaboration next year as well,” said a representative of the County Library.

Right now the festival is held in more than 50 countries. The festival was first launched in Romania in 2000.



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