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'Girl friendly/child-friendly' schools provide a brighter future in Mali
 At a public meeting in the village of Benena, in Mali’s Segou Region, a gathering of women collectively shot their hands up in the air when asked why girls’ education in their community had been neglected in the past. Read More >
Fixing the future of Mali
Fixing the future of Mali's child workers
In Mali, approximately two out of three children aged 5 to 17 work. This represents over 3 million children. Few of them go to school and 40 per cent of children aged 5 to 14 perform hazardous tasks. The situation of migrant girls is of particular concern. ILO Online reports. Read More >
World Education: Girls
World Education: Girls' secondary scholarship program
October 2006 - Sara Walet Mohamed has plans for her future, a future that would not be possible without the support of the Northern Mali Girls' Secondary Scholarship Program. Read More >
A UNICEF-supported centre in Mali helps young women in distress
A UNICEF-supported centre in Mali helps young women in distress
BAMAKO, Mali, 20 June 2006 – “I love my baby,” says Korotoumou, 17, holding her year-old baby girl, Bintou, tightly against her chest. She knows that she might be holding Bintou for the very last time. Read More >
Adventure Travelers Are Compelled to Support Girls
Adventure Travelers Are Compelled to Support Girls' Education
Bill Connor could not forget what he witnessed in Mali, one of many destinations he visited during his travel to more than 22 countries with Starquest Expeditions, a Seattle-based adventure travel company. "We learned about the extremely low rates of literacy, particularly for girls and women in Mali, and many of my traveling companions wanted to find some way to give back. Read More >


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