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World’s Children to be Given Voice at G8 Summit

Russian Government Hosting First ever “Junior 8” in Partnership with UNICEF

What: Junior 8. For the first time in the history of the G8 Summit, children will get the chance to share their views directly with G8 leaders and influence the outcome of their deliberations. Children from G8 member countries will attend an official working meeting of this year’s Summit, hosted by the Government of the Russian Federation, to discuss HIV/AIDS, Education, Tolerance and Energy. The children will also discuss other issues they see as priorities and present their recommendations to the G8 leadership.

Where: The Management Training Centre, Academy of Additional Professional Training in Pushkin, near St. Petersburg, Russia.

When: July 7-18. Gathering before the world leaders convene, the Junior 8 will continue through the G8 Summit, giving children time to exchange ideas before they issue their final communiqué to the leaders. There will be media opportunities with participating children throughout the event. Key media moments will include:
• July 10: Press conference.
• July 16: A meeting between the G8 leaders and eight children representing the Junior 8.

Who: The participants include children aged 13-17 from each of the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, UK and USA). Children from seven countries were selected through an essay competition organized by the Morgan Stanley International Foundation, with additional children selected by UNICEF. Russian participants won their places through a televised competition. Children from non-G8 countries will also participate via video link.

Why: The decisions concerning global issues taken by the leaders of the world’s major industrialized nations will have a huge impact on children’s lives throughout the world. Children have a unique perspective on all the issues under consideration and will have to live with the decisions made by today’s leaders. It is vital that those leaders take the views of children into account.

For More Information and Accreditation Please Contact:
Oliver Phillips, UNICEF NY, 917 861 0331,
John Brittain, UNICEF, Russia, (7 495) 937 4812,



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